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Musicproduction - composition & production for artists & media


Founded in the year 2002 MOFLOW MUSIC creates & produces soundtracks, music-projects and musicvideos. We compose emotionally artists, pictures in our minds, life itself or ideas of our customers.


Please listen to done work & actual projects on Soundcloud/YOUTUBE - links below!







Library of soundtracks & atmospheres - in every mood & for every theme / especially produced for media & film. This library is steady getting enhanced. Choose single soundtracks & athmospheres for your mediawork or even rent (Gema) music for your movie or artproject.

Dont miss our SOUNDCLOUD playlists full of references / examples. Contact us by interest & if you´re dealing bigger projects that require finetuning and composing!


Sales Portal Links - are in work & will be activated in 2024.






Mediaproduction - MOFLOW.TV - musikvideos, 4k natureclips, spots, artclips & more


This LINK leads you to our MOFLOW RECORDS - Channel on Youtube until the

MOFLOW.TV - Channel is ready to start. Please subscribe if you like it.



References moflow music / productionmusic examples (SOUNDCLOUD)



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